Joan Didion and Fried Catfish

It’s 1130 PM and I’m sitting by myself in the living room of my apartment (I have a house, and rent an apartment for work purposes).  I’m watching the new Joan Didion documentary on Netflix and am partly distracted by how skinny she is.  I know it’s insulting to think of this extremely accomplished, and intelligent woman in terms of her body size, but it’s what consumes me these days.

“I, myself have always found that if I examine something it’s less scary.” Joan Didion. That statement sticks with me but I can’t give it deeper meaning at the moment.  Maybe later I’ll think about this more.

I’m drinking a cup of coffee, half-n-half with no sugar, as I normally do in the evenings and after dinner.  I’m also drinking water and I’m on my second bottle post-dinner.  I’m hoping this water will do some damage control after dinner.

I intended on only getting 2 pieces of the fried catfish from Catfish Charlie.  By the time I made out out of work and in line at the drive-thru I was starving.  One tackle box later and I’m sitting on the couch barely able to breathe.  That was a horrible idea, but it always is.  I wonder if Joan Didion has ever experienced this feeling.

Originally written in my private journal 11.2.17

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