Taco Bell and Cable: A Love Affair

Sometimes I crave crunchy things and the only thing I can come up with is Taco Bell.


I usually go there for the crunch taco but I end up leaving with  crunchy and soft things, and even things in between.  The hunger is gone after two tacos, but I’m still unwrapping the burrito.  Halfway through the soft and crunchy of the frito burrito I’m in full, stuffed, heavy, and close to suffocation..yet I don’t stop.  I push myself through like the way I imagine a runner pushing through the last left of the race.  I don’t stop until the bag is empty.

What am I looking for during this Taco Bell marathon?  Am I looking for the bite that brings me back to my happy little world 8 year old self ? The moments where I’m sitting with my bag of TaCo Bell tacos and Mexican Pizza that my mom would pick up for me  a couple times a week, sitting in front of the television.  There was lots of hours of sitting in front of television with a bag of Taco Bell at that age. I felt like the luckiest little girl in the world when we finally got cable.  In fact, I didn’t mind if I was left home alone.  Just crunching on my tacos and watching Under The Umbrella Tree.

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