The pain of overweight

I have pain everywhere in my body, not usually simultaneously.  My body knows I have to go to work and I have to drive.  So different parts of my body take turns giving relief to each other so that I’m able to function, even if it’s a minimum some days.


For a while it was my knees. My knees would hurt and become stiff, sometimes this would cause me to waddle when I walk as a result of not being able to bend.  I experienced this when I was a 190 pound 25 year old working in retail where I wore heels.  I experienced this again when I was a 140 pound 25 year old who slow jogged an average of 3 miles most evenings.  I didn’t realize that running could have some bad side effects.  Inflammation is what one doctor called it.  Just take this medicine!  Another doctor told me to try to some supplements, which I do faithfully.  I love taking vitamins and supplements, it’s an easy way to undo some of the damage I was doing to my body.  At least that’s what I told myself as I gulped down the chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, cinammon, tumeric, omega-3 fish oil, acidophilus, and of course the multivitamin.  The inflammation is back and in full force, except now I’m 33 and weigh 220something pounds.

Today my knees are alright, but the pain has shifted to the triangular area created by my neck and shoulders.  For the past 2 days I’ve experienced pain and stiffness that had me up in the middle of the night searching for the remedy in the form of a youtube video.  “What’s wrong?” mu husband rolled over and asked.  “I’m just trying to stretch out my sternocleidomastoid”.  Or maybe it was a levator.  I wasn’t sure, but I was doing all the stretches waiting on some relief.  “I think I feel better”.

Two days later the pain has spread from one side to both.  So instead of having a hard time turning my neck to one side, I’m now having a hard time turning to both sides, which made driving really interesting.  Also, I lost the remote battle with my 1 year old.  She wrestled it out of my hand where it then fell to the floor, so I had to just let her have it.  It would be too painful to snatch it back.

Sometimes the pain is in my lower back when I’m lying in bed.  My butt has gotten so big that the curve between my butt and lower back is unsupported when I’m lying down.  No doctor ever explained that to me like they explained the pain in my knees, but it makes sense.

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