Peppermint Beignets: A Disney Story

Honestly I’m not sure what I weight but I put on a couple more pounds since the last time I wrote.  I’m sure of this because since then I’ve continued to have daily overindulgences and even some binging here and there.  I’ve done no intentional working out or time at the gym, or jog around the block.  I went to Disneyland and I ate two clam chowder bread bowl soups.  I also had those with beignets.  Since I couldn’t decide between the classic flavor and the seasonal peppermint I got an order of each.  They weren’t even good.  They tasted like rubber next to New Orleans’ Cafe Du Monde but I still ate like 2 of each.  I pretty much ate the whole day while at Disney.  I talked a lot about food and what to eat next.  I’m pretty sure I exhausted my friend whose probably never been more than size 4 her whole life.


I went to a light festival and ate all kinds of desert and sweet drinks.  I had a huge mason jar filled with hot chocolate.  It was$9.50 of subparness but I still pretty much finished it.  I also tried Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles.  Now those calories, I have to say, were actually worth it.  That was the best meal I had in California, and perhaps the only indulgence worth all those calories.

Sometimes while in California my size 33 Gap Jeans wouldn’t button.  So I looped a pony tail holder through the hole and wrapped each end around the button.  I thought my shirt was long enough to cover my effort and holding it all together, but at least 2 people commented that my fly was unzipped.

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