layers of casserole layers of salad

This post is a continuation of Weight Loss Surgery: A Family Affair and then Fat is barely about genes

The most stark contrast is not between the way she exercises and the way they exercise.  The most stark contrast is between the way she eats and the way they eat.


I know this partly thanks to a group messaging app the aunties and the nieces use to communicate with each other.  While some of us snap pics of starbucks caramel macchiatos and cake balls she sends us pics of ziploc bags full of raw baby carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli that she keeps in her work bag to snacks on throughout the work day.  Some of my aunts can make the most elaborate  casseroles with layers of cheeses and pastas. Meanwhile, she can make the most elaborate salads with layers of different colored vegetables.

My other aunts would always consider a sandwich to be a healthy choice because it’s at least not a cheeseburger, and I’m not saying that sandwiches shouldn’t be deemed healthy, but my aunt differentiates between the type of bread and condiments in the sandwich, as well as the amount of protein and vegetables.

For someone whose not used to this lifestyle it all sounds like adding more chores to your day along with making the bed (by the way I rarely make my bed) and taking out the trash.  My goal is to create better habits so that it doesn’t feel like an added chore.  My morning routine should include  make the snack pack right after making coffee.  Once I’ve packed the snacks, coffee will be ready for me to enjoy.  I know this is possible because I once lived this lifestyle.  I also know this is possible because I have one aunt who lives this life all while her four sisters that share the same mother and father suffered from morbid obesity.

My blog is now one week old and I don’t want this to turn into another project that I start and never finish.  I aim to update this blog every single day in 2018.

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