Whole Foods does snacks

What I’m focusing on now is snack prepping.  That actually sounds pretty exciting and nothing like meal prepping.  So yesterday I made it out to the Whole Foods and was on a mission to find snack items.  I don’t shop at Whole Foods nearly as much as I did when I was a single, childless, working professional who lived with parents and never paid attention to price tags (I went to Whole Foods daily those days).  However, I knew Whole Foods would be a perfect place to discover snack items most likely to keep me committed to getting healthier.    Things that look interesting and have unique names like Heido Ho cheese.  It’s also a great place to discover the newest trends in yoga pants, Whole Foods’ official dress code.

Unfortunately, I also forgot that I promised a friend I was going to stop by and lost track of time.  When I pulled up I  realized I only had like 15 minutes to spare.  During that time my daughter got over excited and wriggled herself out of the car part of cart despite the seatbelt.  She then managed to get stuck at the bottom where the feet go.  I left her stuck there so I can shop in peace.

The berries were too expensive, no way I was going to spend 7bucks plus tax on strawberries.  I bought some string cheese, small green apples, and Siggi’s plain yogurt-so not the Greek stuff but the Icelandic stuff.  I’ll let you know what the difference is when I find out.  I passed by all the veggies but I really wasn’t ready for the baby carrots, celery, and raw broccoli florets.  I’m just not there yet, so I kept on moving.  Actually, I did pick up some brussel sprouts.  I saw on someone’s Instagram account that you can bake them into these crunchy snacks.

That’s actually the only thing I ended up buying for my snack prepping.  I completely forgot about nuts which I was disappointed about, Whole Foods has the BEST almonds.  I love the Tamari almonds.  Hey it’s a start!

I’ll go back when I have more time next  week and leisurely stroll up and down those aisles looking for treasures.  I’ll check out the crackers, the butters, maybe even some interesting fruits like the kinds I ate during my honeymoon in Bali.

What do you know.  Today I went to work completely forgetting to take snacks with me.  Just totally slipped my mind.

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