Bad planning and lateness

I’m great at planning the big things in my life.  I have achieved some major life goals that I worked hard towards.  My major life events were nicely planned.  These accomplishments and events are the subject of another blog.


However, I suck at planning the little things.  The non-exciting day-to-day rituals, or regularly weekly activities.  I’m realizing as an adult that this habit, or lack of habit rather, is the reason for why I’m a late person.  I’m pretty much late for work more times than I”m actually on-time.  Work is something I have to go to most mornings, yet I still haven’t figured out how to get it together enough to get out of the house on time. Which reminds of that Date Night movie when Tina Fey says that every single night it’s a surprise to her kids that they have to go bed.  It’s like I didn’t know I have to go to work in the morning-every morning!

It’s not that I completely don’t care, it’s actually the opposite.  Running late oftentimes gives me serious anxiety in the morning-especially when I’m working for someone else and not for myself.  I calm myself down by telling myself “I won’t be late again”. When I do manage to get out of the house earlier than usual, I seem to think i have all this extra time.  I decide to stop for coffee somewhere or a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich-which then results in me being late.

I can attribute this to lack of planning because every morning I’m looking of clean scrubs, or a white coat, or matching socks.  I can absolutely never find matching socks.  I can also never find matching hijab pieces.  I’m always looking for coffee tumblers. Sometimes the shoes are missing.  My daughter loves to hide just one shoe.  The other is usually exactly where it’s supposed to be.

Perhaps if I can be like some of my friends I wouldn’t have so much drama in the morning.  Drama results in me dragging into the office 30 minutes later hoping that not everyone noticed.  There are plenty of things I can get done the night before to make my morning less stressful and to get me out of the house on time, like taking my clothes out of the dryer so that I’m not going through them like a mad woman in the morning.

Also, perhaps if I was a better planner, I wouldn’t have gained almost 100 pounds in 3 years.  The lack of planning is not all of it, but it’s definitely part of it.

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