Coldplay and Shakira:concert curse

I need to figure out how to undo the concert curse I have.  The last few concerts I’ve either expressed interest in or actually secured tickets end up being associated with some type of tragedy and then cancelled.


My cousin and I casually discussed going to see Soundgarden a couple of weeks before they were scheduled to perform in Houston.  Sound garden never made it.   We wondered if we could still get tickets to Linking Park a couple days before they were set to play in Houston…they also didn’t make it for the same reason.  Not too long after that I was extremely excited to see Coldplay.  I had bought a pair of great tickets of the sold out concert from a neighbor who couldn’t go.  As meteorologists were scaring people into scrambling to sell their tickets and leave town, I posted on Facebook that Hurricane Harvey was not going to stop me from going to the Coldplay concert.  That concert was cancelled at the 11th hour, and we evacuated, but I was most upset about was the missed opportunity of watching Coldplay live

So then……my cousin got a group of us tickets to see Shakira in Dallas later this month.  It was supposed to be a fun girls’ weekend that I would deserve after a crazy work month (that is January) until I saw a text that said concert cancelled.  Haha very funny I thought.  “No really,” someone replied.  Apparently Shakira injured her vocal cords, and now I have to suffer for it.

I will try to relate concerts to weight loss journey.  I can’t come up with much other than I get excited when I go to a concert and they have concession stands.  Especially when there’s jumbo hot dogs and nachos that I can grab sometime during the opening act.  How come you don’t usually see a fruit stand or protein drink bar at stadiums?  If there was one, I don’t know if I would even choose that option over salty and crunchy.

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