You are not forlorn


It sounds like such an easy word to be able to relate to, but at the moment I’m racking my brain trying to identify with this word, the prompt of the day, and I just cannot. There’s a pang of gilt in me saying this. Why ? Maybe because I read a few of the responses to the prompt that detail people’s experiences with this feeling.

Sure I have problems. One of them is the subject of this blog. My brain, however, doesn’t get to that level. I don’t reach that kind of depth these days. Tired? Frequent. Angry ? Sure sometimes. Anxious? Many mornings when I’m late for work or running behind on the office. Irritates ? Yup. Overwhelmed ? Sometimes, usually fleeting because I find a way to get rid of that feeling quickly.

However, I just can’t relate to feelings and emotions associated with forlorn as an adjective. Lonely ? Desperate ? Sad? Depressed ? Nope, not me. So why do I feel guilty about saying this?

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