When house shopping

When we were house shopping one of the things high on my list is can I entertain people here?  Can I have more than 10 people over for dinner?  Is the dining room actually big enough to allow me to upgrade to a larger dining table in the future? I imagined Ramadan dinners of cooked lamb and Thanksgiving feasts with the stuffed turkey at the center.  Is there a kitchen island big enough for girls’ movie night spread of an assortment of cheeses, crackers, fruits, and my favorite, mini fruit tarts?

Is there a space for birthday parties? Baby shower? I was a pregnant with my first at the time but I still thought about where that first birthday cake would go and all of those party favors? The first birthday happened months ago and the party favors were actually girly decorated cookie jar mixes in a mason jar. Let me tell you, that cake was gorgeous!!!

I can’t even look back at some of those videos today because I was a lot bigger than I imagined I was.  I don’t mind the pictures though.  I’ve learned to embrace larger me, just not in videos.  Especially where I’m jumping around struggling to do the hokey pokey with mickey mouse.

However, for entertaining, the most important part of the house was the backyard!!! I wanted enough space where we could build an outdoor kitchen where we would grill hot dogs and burgers with our cousins and their kids when the weather was pleasant.  Maybe even a mini freezer to hold ice cream, big enough for at least couple of flavors.  I wanted a space for a gazebo, or maybe a pergola, where we could all sit and relax.  Of course, for me, there had to be a pretty pool. I imagined those little floaty cup holders holding espresso drinks for us to sip from while in the pool.  Maybe even one of those waterfalls attached to the pool that we could turn on and off

The house we eventually closed on and moved into didn’t have everything on our list, but I did get the backyard I wanted and that was the most important thing!  We have since hosted many people, and included lots of food.

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