Olive oil goes on everything

In 2013 a study commonly referred to as PREDIMED made some waves.  The study involved 8,000 people being divided into 3 categories.  One category of people was placed on the Mediterranean diet + olive oil, a second group on the Mediterranean diet + nuts, and a third group followed a low-fat plan.



The study screened for individuals considered at-risk for cardiovascular disease and was primarily looked at heart attack, stroke, and death.  The results of the study showed that there was a 30% of cardiovascular disease (specifically heart attack, stroke, and death) in people who were in group 1 and 2 compared to those in group 3.  30% is HUGEEEEE!!!

So this supports my belief that it’s really not about fat.  Back when I was following a low-carb plan I got in the habit of avoiding anything that said low-fat and I definitely never picked up anything “fat free”. I never better than that. It’s better to have less of the real stuff than it is to have artificial substitutions. This also demonstrates that fat isn’t the devil.  It’s something else.

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