Cute baby and Z Gallerie comforters

Blink blink blBlink then a full on, wide-eyed freak out session. I overslept !!!!! OMG

I heard the alarm go off, then I went back to sleep. I overslept my 7AM alarm, I have a 2 hour drive ahead of me and today I’m working in an office Ive never worked in before. I’m doing contract work for a nEw person. Horrible day to be late !! I went from unconscious to 100 miles an hour.

I was soooo relieved when I saw that it was actually 620ish. I decelerated back down to like 20mph. I must have just heard my husband’s alarm in my subconscious since I noticed he wasn’t there.

As tired as I was, I was too stimulated to fall back asleep. So yet another long day with 5 hours of sleep. It was hard to say bye to my baby this morning. She was just extra extra cute today.

I dragged today. I had some burst of energy here and there that allowed me to function, but in between I was fighting exhaustion. Days like these promote unhealthy habits. The same habits that got me to this place, 100 pounds away. I have a chick FIL a bag and a jack in the box bag in the car.I’m now writing this from the Starbucks drive through line, 2 hours from my home. My home with the cozy bed, with the super soft comforters I got from a Z Gallerie sale.

I should sleep early tonight.

I should

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