delete when famous: On Families

Sometimes family can suck, to be candid.  I tend to be pretty confident when going into a world of strangers such as the grocery store or Starbucks.  No issues at work, or writing class.  I can walk in like rockstar, I don’t care that I’m fat now.


However I can have some major insecurity issues when it comes to large family gatherings.  Family can be really judgmental.  They’ll talk about how big your ass got, how your clothes are fitting bad, or your posture.  They’ll compare you to the other cousins, or to the trophy wives even-despite the fact that you actually have a list of lifetime achievements and accomplishments that don’t involve stuffing a turkey and spending most of your life being pregnant.  They don’t care, they’ll still talk about how you’re the fattest one.  They’ll talk about your husband….why didn’t he come? or if he did why is he not talking to anyone? or talking too much?

Of course, not all of my family is like that.  I have some awesome cousins I’m close friends with, and some aunts that I love more than others.  I’ve hosted many extended family members at my home and it’s been lots of fun. However, when it comes to large family gatherings, a mob-like mentality forms.  Little gangs form and each side tries to rip members of the other side down.  For females, the best way to do that is to pick on appearances.

The reason why I’m bringing this up now is because this is definitely a year of gatherings.  I will literally be attending an event in 3 of 4  corners of the country.  I should be excited, and I am excited about seeing some people, but as a whole I’m also feeling a little stressed about it all.   The first is in less 3 weeks.  I was hoping to have lost a few pounds by now and fit in this dress that I have that’s super snug…….

4 thoughts on “delete when famous: On Families

  1. You are so right! Family can be very judgmental. They also feel like they don’t have to keep opinions to themselves because they love you and only want the best for you.

    Now, you need to plan a get together in that 4th corner of the continent so you can say you did all 4 in a year.


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