Still waiting for tomorrow

Everyday I keep telling myself that tomorrow will be a new day. I’ll start fresh tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll make better choices. Tomorrow will be nothing like today.

Well tomorrow didn’t come today, that’s for sure. My daughter woke me up about 545 AM with her hysterics when my alarm doesn’t go off until 8. By the time we were settled I was too riled up to go back to bed. Although I tried really hard.

The office I was working at today was an hour away. I was annoyed. I Accepted a lower paying job on the grounds that it was easy, and that I would covering for an old friend. Well it wasn’t easy, and I feel taken advantage of.

I was exhausted and had a long drive home. That’s never a good combination. Before I knew it I was at my favorite pizza place ordering a hamburger pizza with extra cheese.

So yea……tomorrow didn’t come today

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