Hotel Rooms Alone


This hotel room feels like a big empty space within a solid object, one of the definitions of cavity.


I’m on the 9th floor of the tower of this casino hotel. I have a view of another casino hotel directly across from me.  Between is a fake lazy river (really just a big pool), some cabanas and then the large parking lot of the other hotel.   Married At First Sight is on TV in the background, and Jaclyn seems super annoying, just as annoying as Ashley was from the Atlanta season.

There was a time when I loved an excuse to stay in a hotel.  I loved room service and watching a movie.   Sometimes I would sit in a cafe, buy an overpriced souvenir mug, check out the buffet.  The life that was exciting at 29 is not as exciting at (almost) 34.

Today I’m really feeling the emptiness.   I didn’t enjoy today’s work.  It was exhausting.  So much frustrating miscommunication.  It was just a contract job.  Thankfully I’m at the point where I have options and don’t have to accept working there again.  Unfortunately I still have another day in that office, fortunately it won’t be for another two weeks.

Now I’m sitting here all alone in a hotel room with no one to tell about it, and I really miss my bed and my baby. I texted my friend, starting to tell her about today, but then I decided I was too exhausted to talk about it.  So instead I texted her if I should watch the State of the Union.

Tonight, I’m homesick.

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