Take a mental health day

I enrolled my brain in a mental health recoup program for the day, and it’s totally working. It wasn’t spontaneous, rather planned.

I’m typing this from my pedicure chair, careful not to let my drying nails hit anything. I’m notorious for messing up freshly painted nails and I’m certain I’ve been cursed by many manicurists in my lifetime.

I’m spending the day in my small little hometown, we Came in last night and will be leaving tomorrow morning.

First, I slept in! In my childhood room in my parents’ house. I woke up around 10. I can’t quote a study, but sleeping in once or twice a week calms my brain. I did wake up to find my daughter dipping her finger in the Pine Sol jar. The grandparents don’t childproof their kitchen.

Second, I had lunch with a couple of my homegirls at my favorite Indian buffet. We’ve been lunching for 20+ years. I don’t care how wifey or mothery I am, there is nothing like sitting with a group of women and spilling out your soul, or just catching up. Even talking about boring stuff like meatloaf recipes is needed.

Third, I did my eyelashes. I hate the process but love the result. When I’m almost 100 pounds overweight, I hang on to these little upkeeps. I listened to an episode from you must remember this podcast during. If you’re into Hollywood Legends, download it !

Fourth, I’m taking care of the embarrassing chips and cracks and getting my nails done. I did choose an overpriced nail place so I can take cute Snapchats. Not sure if the added 15 bucks are worth the shots. I did get to use one for this post, above.

Fifth, if I can put baby to bed early enough I’m hoping to end the day at my favorite local cafe working on some reading and writing. No matter how old I get, I will never get too old for Coffee houses. Maybe too old to spend half the day in one like I used to in grad school, but definitely not too old to sit in one by myself for enough time it takes to read 20 pages of something.

I love my house but some things have been going on and I’m not in a hurry to go back home yet, although I have to tomorrow. At least I can go back with more peace and calm now than what I had yesterday.

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