On Disorder and Weight Gain

I came to a realization this weekend that a major reason why I’m struggling to get this weight under control is because of lack of organization.  I feel like I’m on a downward spiral weighed down by list of all of the things I need to get done, except I’m not even organized enough to make that list.

I signed up for a new weight loss plan which involves taking certain supplements and drink mixes throughout the day.  One week after I get my box I literally cannot find half of the stuff I need.  The realization for the cause of the lack of success came when I suddenly found the bottle of the morning cleanse in my car.  It was sitting in a cup holder on top of some folded bank deposit receipts.  So how am I supposed to follow the plan? I have two different residences that I split my time between, and we can even call my car an unofficial third residence.  I have also spent the last week at my parent’s house.  That’s where I actually took the box to unbox, and likely where I left the guidebook as well.

My desk space is quite messy; however messiness is not even the big problem.  The problem is I have trouble finding things-even really important things!  I can’t find my official EIN letter from the IRS.  I’m not sure what that even is but it sounds really important.  This is the first year that I file taxes as a small business owner and my new accountant is asking me for several documents that I’m unable to locate.

Although business has been steadily improving and we’ve had a great start to 2018, my disorder disorder is costing me money.  Yesterday I had a to comp a service for someone because I couldn’t find some of her information on paper after spending 20 minutes looking.  She was already upset because she had waited 45 minutes after her appointment time.  I didn’t want her to get further upset with me and risk losing her and her family’s future business.  So I ate the $50 dollars that I normally would have charged for her visit that day.

Since starting this blog I have come to a conclusion that my weight gain (and the fact that I can’t lose it) is a symptom of other problems in my life.  The messiness, lack of organization, lateness, forgetfulness, laziness….all of these are related to the weight gain.

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