Airplanes and toilets

I get so much done sitting on a plane next to strangers for the same reason I get so much done sitting on the toilet. The Frigid air from the nipple shaped above head vent doesn’t bother me and neither does the cold bathroom on an early chilly morning.

I’m yearning for that prolonged period of uninterruption that come in human form or electronic device form. I’m longing for not feeling guilty about not doing “something else” simply because I can’t do “something else”. I miss that focus and clarity.

So much so that I need to be out of town Monday. I can drive it isn’t too far, but I’ve decided to fly instead. I can’t explain why I’m “wasting money” as my mother is putting it. I just told the family I need a little break from driving this week. The truth is, I really need that one hour of disconnect getting there and then another hour coming back.

One thought on “Airplanes and toilets

  1. I can understand that.
    I hope you had a good time.
    However, sometimes, you get the worst neighbor, who either wants to chat all flight long, or listens to their music too loudly, etc.


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