The Diet Bet

The concept of Diet bet is pretty brilliant . If you haven’t heard of this app, it works like this : you join a challenge. I was invited by a Mom in my Mom group. You put up $35 + 5 admin fee. That money goes in one big pot. The goal of my specific challenge is to lose 4% of your body weight in 8 weeks~ which is actually pretty easy to do for anyone actually trying.

Everyone who achieves this goal is a winner, and everyone who doesn’t is I guess not a winner. At Th end of the challenge the pot is split amongst the winners while the non winners cut their losses. There’s abut 1000 people in my challenge. That means if I’m the only one who can control my cupcake consumption and walk my cat everyday, I’ve just made 35K.

So if everyone that wins makes money and everyone that didn’t got a $35 learning experience.

P.S. this is not a sponsored post. I’m not significant enough for that kind of stuff !

You are not forlorn


It sounds like such an easy word to be able to relate to, but at the moment I’m racking my brain trying to identify with this word, the prompt of the day, and I just cannot. There’s a pang of gilt in me saying this. Why ? Maybe because I read a few of the responses to the prompt that detail people’s experiences with this feeling.

Sure I have problems. One of them is the subject of this blog. My brain, however, doesn’t get to that level. I don’t reach that kind of depth these days. Tired? Frequent. Angry ? Sure sometimes. Anxious? Many mornings when I’m late for work or running behind on the office. Irritates ? Yup. Overwhelmed ? Sometimes, usually fleeting because I find a way to get rid of that feeling quickly.

However, I just can’t relate to feelings and emotions associated with forlorn as an adjective. Lonely ? Desperate ? Sad? Depressed ? Nope, not me. So why do I feel guilty about saying this?

Bad planning and lateness

I’m great at planning the big things in my life.  I have achieved some major life goals that I worked hard towards.  My major life events were nicely planned.  These accomplishments and events are the subject of another blog.


However, I suck at planning the little things.  The non-exciting day-to-day rituals, or regularly weekly activities.  I’m realizing as an adult that this habit, or lack of habit rather, is the reason for why I’m a late person.  I’m pretty much late for work more times than I”m actually on-time.  Work is something I have to go to most mornings, yet I still haven’t figured out how to get it together enough to get out of the house on time. Which reminds of that Date Night movie when Tina Fey says that every single night it’s a surprise to her kids that they have to go bed.  It’s like I didn’t know I have to go to work in the morning-every morning!

It’s not that I completely don’t care, it’s actually the opposite.  Running late oftentimes gives me serious anxiety in the morning-especially when I’m working for someone else and not for myself.  I calm myself down by telling myself “I won’t be late again”. When I do manage to get out of the house earlier than usual, I seem to think i have all this extra time.  I decide to stop for coffee somewhere or a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich-which then results in me being late.

I can attribute this to lack of planning because every morning I’m looking of clean scrubs, or a white coat, or matching socks.  I can absolutely never find matching socks.  I can also never find matching hijab pieces.  I’m always looking for coffee tumblers. Sometimes the shoes are missing.  My daughter loves to hide just one shoe.  The other is usually exactly where it’s supposed to be.

Perhaps if I can be like some of my friends I wouldn’t have so much drama in the morning.  Drama results in me dragging into the office 30 minutes later hoping that not everyone noticed.  There are plenty of things I can get done the night before to make my morning less stressful and to get me out of the house on time, like taking my clothes out of the dryer so that I’m not going through them like a mad woman in the morning.

Also, perhaps if I was a better planner, I wouldn’t have gained almost 100 pounds in 3 years.  The lack of planning is not all of it, but it’s definitely part of it.

16 Days 16 Posts

Coldplay and Shakira:concert curse

I need to figure out how to undo the concert curse I have.  The last few concerts I’ve either expressed interest in or actually secured tickets end up being associated with some type of tragedy and then cancelled.


My cousin and I casually discussed going to see Soundgarden a couple of weeks before they were scheduled to perform in Houston.  Sound garden never made it.   We wondered if we could still get tickets to Linking Park a couple days before they were set to play in Houston…they also didn’t make it for the same reason.  Not too long after that I was extremely excited to see Coldplay.  I had bought a pair of great tickets of the sold out concert from a neighbor who couldn’t go.  As meteorologists were scaring people into scrambling to sell their tickets and leave town, I posted on Facebook that Hurricane Harvey was not going to stop me from going to the Coldplay concert.  That concert was cancelled at the 11th hour, and we evacuated, but I was most upset about was the missed opportunity of watching Coldplay live

So then……my cousin got a group of us tickets to see Shakira in Dallas later this month.  It was supposed to be a fun girls’ weekend that I would deserve after a crazy work month (that is January) until I saw a text that said concert cancelled.  Haha very funny I thought.  “No really,” someone replied.  Apparently Shakira injured her vocal cords, and now I have to suffer for it.

I will try to relate concerts to weight loss journey.  I can’t come up with much other than I get excited when I go to a concert and they have concession stands.  Especially when there’s jumbo hot dogs and nachos that I can grab sometime during the opening act.  How come you don’t usually see a fruit stand or protein drink bar at stadiums?  If there was one, I don’t know if I would even choose that option over salty and crunchy.

Daily Prompt: The Viable Body

The word viable brings me back to a time when I lived in a different in a body.  A body that took up about half as much space as the one I’m in now.  A body that took for granted being able to fall asleep without trouble from aching body parts.  A body that could stand on high heels everywhere, including busy work days and airports.  A body that ran and ran, instead of a body  that has to stretch the stiffness away from its knees to be able to walk.  This body from my past was full of stamina, had a glowing complexion, and was viable.

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Whole Foods does snacks

What I’m focusing on now is snack prepping.  That actually sounds pretty exciting and nothing like meal prepping.  So yesterday I made it out to the Whole Foods and was on a mission to find snack items.  I don’t shop at Whole Foods nearly as much as I did when I was a single, childless, working professional who lived with parents and never paid attention to price tags (I went to Whole Foods daily those days).  However, I knew Whole Foods would be a perfect place to discover snack items most likely to keep me committed to getting healthier.    Things that look interesting and have unique names like Heido Ho cheese.  It’s also a great place to discover the newest trends in yoga pants, Whole Foods’ official dress code.

Unfortunately, I also forgot that I promised a friend I was going to stop by and lost track of time.  When I pulled up I  realized I only had like 15 minutes to spare.  During that time my daughter got over excited and wriggled herself out of the car part of cart despite the seatbelt.  She then managed to get stuck at the bottom where the feet go.  I left her stuck there so I can shop in peace.

The berries were too expensive, no way I was going to spend 7bucks plus tax on strawberries.  I bought some string cheese, small green apples, and Siggi’s plain yogurt-so not the Greek stuff but the Icelandic stuff.  I’ll let you know what the difference is when I find out.  I passed by all the veggies but I really wasn’t ready for the baby carrots, celery, and raw broccoli florets.  I’m just not there yet, so I kept on moving.  Actually, I did pick up some brussel sprouts.  I saw on someone’s Instagram account that you can bake them into these crunchy snacks.

That’s actually the only thing I ended up buying for my snack prepping.  I completely forgot about nuts which I was disappointed about, Whole Foods has the BEST almonds.  I love the Tamari almonds.  Hey it’s a start!

I’ll go back when I have more time next  week and leisurely stroll up and down those aisles looking for treasures.  I’ll check out the crackers, the butters, maybe even some interesting fruits like the kinds I ate during my honeymoon in Bali.

What do you know.  Today I went to work completely forgetting to take snacks with me.  Just totally slipped my mind.

Days off are for Netflix, not meal prep!

I hate the words “meal prep”. This is something I’ve never exactly been able to do.  Am I missing out on a major tool towards getting healthy? I don’t know, I don’t care.  Even the word “meal prep” sounds so depressing.  I might change my mind in the future, but for now I work a lot.  In fact, today will be the first day of a 7 day work stretch.   I’ll have one day off and then go back to work for either 4 or 6 consecutive days-depends on how busy we’ll be.


So basically, in order to maintain a work-life balance, my days off are meant for some R&R or for fun.  Days off are meant to sleep in if my daughter lets me, catch up on all my DVR’d Real Housewives episodes (I’m so behind), take my daughter to Chuckie Cheese and the Rainforest Cafe or just swim in the pool, or prep for writing class, or convince my husband we should have a date night at the new River Oaks iPic, or catch up with some girlfriends, or basically netflix and chill.

So basically, I’m not one of those people that really “gets things done” on my days off.  In fact, I intentionally try not to get things done on my off days, and maybe that’s part of my problem.

I will also grocery shop and cook on my days off but that never feels like work.  I make something everyone loves and looks forward to eating, which makes it fun for me.  My husband’s favorite are steak and potatoes, meatloaf, and burgers.  Thankfully those can be made healthier.  If I’m visiting my family (which I am now since I’m working in an office close to their home this week and next week) they usually love comfort foods and will throw a fit if I try to substitute for a healthier version.  One time I made chilli and used ground turkey instead of ground beef.  My sister saw the meat packaging and refused to eat the chilli.

Side note: I realize one reading this might be thinking my house must be disgusting and I never see my kid. It’s not, and I do. I have a cleaning lady that does an impeccable job, and my kid comes to work me like half the time and almost always travels with me when I have to travel.

So basically, the boiled chicken pieces with 3 pieces of steamed asparagus over a bed of spinach in a pathetic looking tupperware stacked in the fridge….that’s just not going to be me.  I’m not there and I don’t know if I’ll ever get there.  Plus, I LOVE eating out!  Many times this is the highlight of my day.  Trying a new place or ordering something different from the menu.

I wrote more but then I thought it was getting too long and I should start a new post.  I purposefully try to keep my posts short as to not cause burnout to myself or to readers.  Thank you for reading!

Continued tomorrow.  In other news, 11 days 11 posts!!!!

layers of casserole layers of salad

This post is a continuation of Weight Loss Surgery: A Family Affair and then Fat is barely about genes

The most stark contrast is not between the way she exercises and the way they exercise.  The most stark contrast is between the way she eats and the way they eat.


I know this partly thanks to a group messaging app the aunties and the nieces use to communicate with each other.  While some of us snap pics of starbucks caramel macchiatos and cake balls she sends us pics of ziploc bags full of raw baby carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli that she keeps in her work bag to snacks on throughout the work day.  Some of my aunts can make the most elaborate  casseroles with layers of cheeses and pastas. Meanwhile, she can make the most elaborate salads with layers of different colored vegetables.

My other aunts would always consider a sandwich to be a healthy choice because it’s at least not a cheeseburger, and I’m not saying that sandwiches shouldn’t be deemed healthy, but my aunt differentiates between the type of bread and condiments in the sandwich, as well as the amount of protein and vegetables.

For someone whose not used to this lifestyle it all sounds like adding more chores to your day along with making the bed (by the way I rarely make my bed) and taking out the trash.  My goal is to create better habits so that it doesn’t feel like an added chore.  My morning routine should include  make the snack pack right after making coffee.  Once I’ve packed the snacks, coffee will be ready for me to enjoy.  I know this is possible because I once lived this lifestyle.  I also know this is possible because I have one aunt who lives this life all while her four sisters that share the same mother and father suffered from morbid obesity.

My blog is now one week old and I don’t want this to turn into another project that I start and never finish.  I aim to update this blog every single day in 2018.